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Bound by Honour: Honourable Death of The Samurai

Everybody has heard the famous term 'fight 'til the death', well nowhere would this term be more true and befitting than in the world of the Japanese Samurai. Each samurai knew the code of honour, this code must be upheld at all costs even to the warriors own demise. When in battle samurai would seek an enemy of the same rank to duel with. Charging into battle yelling their family's name and rank. When the samurai entered battle, they knew at least one of them would not be leaving alive, for it was part of the samurai's code that the victor would take the life of the defeated.

If death wasn't administered by the samurai's conqueror then the samurai would impose it upon himself in a savage suicide known as seppuku. This involved disembowelling himself with his own weapon, and then allowing a friend or fellow samurai to behead him. Honour came above all else for the samurai and this ritual would ensure even the defeated retained his honour.

The samurai epitomized the true warrior; they lived by the code and died by the code. A samurai didn't fear death, for to die during battle or because of a battle, victorious or not, was an honourable death and to be respected by all. The only thing a samurai feared was breaking the code and the disgrace it would bring upon his family name, and the name of his clan, his daimyo and himself.

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